Identity and work skills


The term “identity” has several connotations and its meaning depends on the discourse it is used in. A person’s identity is formed out of a perception of the self and their work experience at the workplace. A positive working environment helps a professional to create a sense of individuality among a group of people who might just happen to do the same or similar kind of job as them.

The set of skills that a person possesses when put to proper use in a professional environment creates a semblance between the designation they hold in the office and the perception of the self. Therefore this understanding of the self depends on the individual as well others in the way they perceive them. What is crucial to take note of here is that a worker’s skills and their proper utilisation are directly related to the identity that is conferred upon them. It is not a constant as it is subject to change with developments in the roles and learning from the experience at work shaping their personalities and enhancing their skills with time.

An efficient working environment is one that offers exposure to diverse cultures and groups in the same profession. The sense of identification between different individuals comes from sharing and influencing each other’s work practices and style. This is why many companies tend to focus more on creating a positive group and team spirit among its employees during the training period.


This brings us to an essential discussion on work skills or employability skills which employers tend to look for during recruitments and hiring. With the increasing level of competition in the workforce, one must be able to demonstrate their key skills that employers might be drawn toward. There are a few basic skills that one must possess no matter what industry they might be working for.

Effective communication: How well you pass on your thoughts, in addition to your capacity to listen to others, are of distinct fascination to managers. And also constructing affinity, they will likewise be taking an interest at how well you convince and consult with individuals as well. Utilize your CV to layout particular composed and verbal cases of when you’ve put these aptitudes into practice. Indicate how you custom-made your message to the intended audience.

Management skills: The particular exercises of your employment will dependably be seen with regards to the business objectives and what it is attempting to accomplish. By effectively coordinating your work towards these targets – organising your obligations, functioning admirably under pressure and dealing with your time successfully – you can exhibit that you’re adaptable, flexible and can be trusted. Teamwork is an important aspect in this regard. Taking inputs from others and using them at the right junctures results in a productive outcome.

Organizing and research skills: Making a suitable strategy to achieve the desired result is essential in the workplace. This involves seeking out relevant information and creating a plan of action with proper analysis and implementation. It is advisable to highlight these skills during an interview.

Learning and problem solving: A great way to impress your employer is by showing your ability to learn from new experiences. Having an open mind and the willingness to learn from others helps in solving problems that might surface during a certain task assigned to you.

Relevant work experience: The last but not the least is mentioning your relevant work experience when applying for a certain position in a company. It is imperative that you are honest about your prior engagements and acquaintance with the kind of work you intend to do.


Ratul Biswas
A postgraduate in English and Comparative Literature from Pondicherry Central University, Ratul has always been passionate about teaching and education. From a very young age, he understood the need for independence and has worked as a freelance communications trainer and writer. He has also worked as a journalist, teacher and is now currently employed in curriculum design as an academic author for a Pondicherry based organisation called Integra. Apart from academics, he has been involved in theatre and event management. As a proud feminist, Ratul advocates women’s rights and equality and frequently contributes to journals and publications.

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