MICROLEARNING- A new age concept.

When I started in my career in training, I would often prepare with great enthusiasm and vigor, ready to give the trainees a complete know how in certain process. Over the years, after imparting hundreds of training to people in different companies and institutes, I discovered that along with the training subject, the things which mattered most to people were:

  • Trainer’s entertainment  quotient
  • Ambience
  •  Activities
  •  Food
  •  Day

For example in 8 hours training sessions , organisations would generally prefer to have a training which would be full of fun and frolic, loads of learning and sustainable learning- which the trainees would remember forever and meticulously follow to value add to company’s performance, all in all a great feedback for taking one working day away from the trainees or may be one weekend.


Now the activities and the information are within the control of the trainer, but what remains undecided :

  • Age and work experience of the trainees
  •  Learning pattern of the trainees
  •  Attention span of the trainees
  •  Willingness of the trainees to adapt to the new learning.

It is often that we find the selected group of learners are often from miscellaneous background and thus the formula which applies to A,B,C & D might not be effective for E just because of a different socio-economic background or a socio-cultural set of the person. There is a gap in learning feed back of the trainees and the training may become much less effective than predicted.

In recent times I have felt the need of trainers being essentially experiential and good motivating teachers. The learners also need to be relaxed and out of the constant demands of the office mechanisms. The learning needs to be application based and more structured. Case histories and stories need to be connected to the learning. Keeping in mind the dearth of time and high learning objectives, I have become a believer in the concept of micro-learning. This is a concept which works wonderfully for the learning imparted to the young trainees of IT sector, production houses, and banking and insurance. The training are:

  1. Delivered in 2-3 hours early in the morning without hampering the usual office time.
  2.  Completely learning directed based on an assignment system which will encourage the experiential learning.
  3. On the spot assessment with the learning based gradation
  4.  Enables the companies to structure their expenditure and direct it towards the employees who are open to the learning experience.


In my experience as a Communication and behavior skill trainer this short and structured training  has paid off handsomely. The trainees are able to attend the office hours, the learning is outcome based, assignments are submitted on time and assessments are attended. But certain behavior training  session needs to be kept out of this parameter. They are:

  •  Stress Management
  • Anger and Anxiety Management
  • Team Building and Team Motivation
  • Motivational training on Sales and Marketing

These are added with more power if conducted in an outbound training areas and away from the comfort zone of the office areas.

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