Power of positive thinking

There are innumerable instances of people feeling defeated every day. Their aspirations and struggles are often met with disappointing outcomes resulting in a feeling of hopelessness and resentment. Bad times and phases are real and in no way can we diminish the hardships that people face in their lives. But there is a way to not let them take control over your emotions and keep you from achieving what you truly deserve. A simple key to success in life is to realise the power of positive thinking. A mindset that is ruled by positivity is one that can help you cast obstacles aside and take back control of your whatever it is that is happening around you.

When we look around us we witness so many narratives of the successes and failures of individuals but how we happen to be affected by them is solely dependent on us. The harbinger of childhood entertainment, Walt Disney once said,” I always like to look on the optimistic side of life, but I am realistic enough to know that life is a complex matter.” Striking a perfect balance between optimism and reality is a hard thing to do but it is definitely the most effective. It has been found via research that positive thinking has much more to do than just happiness and cheerfulness. It creates a sense of confidence and value in life which help us to build ourselves up as hardworking and decent human beings which are of significance not only in personal life but also in the professional sphere.

A positive attitude is often more important than facts when it comes to working life and success. No matter how gravely difficult the facts are it is the nature of our attitudes that makes a difference in the end. If one begins a project or an assignment with negativity in their minds then in the process they allow these factors to defeat them. On the other hand, a confident worker might be able to overcome such barriers at work. One of the easiest ways to have a positive outlook is to fill our minds with experiences that have helped us grow in different aspects of our lives. The mind is conditioned to respond to experiences. Negative experiences narrow our minds while positive ones broaden them. The more we tend towards negativity the less are the chances of finding a solution to a crisis.

There are a number of ways to increase positive thinking like indulging in creativity. The human mind is a brilliant seat of imagination. Writing, painting, music, dance and any other form of art enhance the mind and at the same time calms people down in moments of anxiety and excitement. Playing games of any sort, indoor or outdoor, helps increase focus and dedication. It also contributes towards skill building like teamwork, trust and healthy competition. Meditation is an effective way of achieving a state of peacefulness and filling the mind with positivity. People who meditate build valuable long-term skills.

A positive action requires a positive vision. The power of positive thinking is not limited to only momentary bouts of happiness but has a deeper impact upon people in their daily lives. Times of positive feeling and unhindered investigation are the points at which you see the conceivable outcomes of how your past encounters fit into your future life, when you start to develop abilities that bloom into valuable gifts later on, and when you start the desire for further investigation and enterprise.



Ratul Biswas
A postgraduate in English and Comparative Literature from Pondicherry Central University, Ratul has always been passionate about teaching and education. From a very young age, he understood the need for independence and has worked as a freelance communications trainer and writer. He has also worked as a journalist, teacher and is now currently employed in curriculum design as an academic author for a Pondicherry based organisation called Integra. Apart from academics, he has been involved in theatre and event management. As a proud feminist, Ratul advocates women’s rights and equality and frequently contributes to journals and publications.

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